Navigates local community transformations from linear to thriving circular-economies 

COMFORTiD are technology and management specialists in energy efficiency, district heating and waste heat recovery. We help you find you the right technology to improve your heating and cooling at the least cost to the environment and your bottom line.

Our technology solutions go beyond a single site, potentially transforming whole districts and regions by using wasted energy sources to heat and cool other industries and neighbourhoods.

The right heating and cooling technology for your development will involve a combination of proven technologies from around the world, such as heat pumps, waste heat recovery, district heating and cooling, solar thermal farms and smart communications and software. We help select the right combination of these technologies with the fastest payback period.

What makes COMFORTiD unique is that we are not tied to any one technology, company or product. 

Our expert teams are free to innovate solutions that best match your needs with proven technologies.

Reducing CO2 emissions, Improving comfort levels. Municipal and industrial waste to energy. Unlocking locally hidden assets.

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